Jul 9, 2024, Kenya International Convention Center

Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2024

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Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2024: Shaping Africa's Future Through Digital Innovation

Embrace the digital revolution and join us at the Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2024, where we converge to explore, inspire, and propel the transformative power of digital innovation across the African continent.

Theme: Shaping the Future of Africa through Digital Innovation


1. Smart Cities and Urban Innovation: Navigate the possibilities of creating smarter, more sustainable cities through the integration of digital technologies. 

2. Fintech Revolution in Africa: Uncover the profound impact of financial technology on reshaping Africa's economic landscape and fostering financial inclusion. 

3. Emerging Technologies and Startups: Embark on a journey into the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and robotics, while celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit of startups driving digital transformation. 

4. Digital Inclusion and Accessibility: Address the imperative of ensuring that the benefits of digital innovations reach every corner of society, fostering inclusivity and bridging the digital divide. 

5. Mobile Technologies for Africa's Future: Explore the pivotal role of mobile technologies in shaping the future, examining innovative applications and services that are driving change across various sectors. 

6. E-Government and Public Services: Dive into the realm of digital government services, understanding how they streamline public administration and enhance citizen engagement.

The Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2024 aims to foster Digital Transformation Education in Africa by providing a platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and inspiration. 

Join us as we chart the course for a digitally empowered Africa, where innovation paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Partners: eDigital ConnectAfrica Business Warriors Limited, Dimetech Group, Beyond Corporate Communications, China Trade Week/MIE Group

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Great minds speaking at the event

Mercy Sega
Managing Partner - KM Advocates LLP
Anthony Muiyuro
Partner, Risk Advisory at Deloitte East Africa | Cybersecurity Leader | Board Member & Advisor| Thought Leader | Mentor | Top 40 Under 40 2022 | Immediate Past President, ISACA Kenya Chapter | WEF Young Global Shaper - Deloitte
George Njuguna
Information Security Management and IT expert - ISACA Kenya
Sharola Akoth Odipo
Founder Women in Ai - Women in Artificial Intelligence Africa
Dr. Bella Namange
Privacy Manager, British Council Global Team - British Council

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We have curated topics around the digital transition in Kenya.