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The Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2023, brought to you by eDigital Connect in partnership with Dimetech Group, is the premier event for industry leaders, innovators, and tech enthusiasts to explore the latest emerging technologies driving Africa's digital revolution.

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A Place for the Digital & Tech Entrepreneurs

eDigital Connect is the most diverse and informative ecosystem for entrepreneurs & professionals in tech and digital industries in Africa. It is the fastest growing network of digital marketing & tech entrepreneurs in Africa. 

A product of Africa Business Warriors Limited; a company that empowers African businesses so that they are able to compete on a global scale.

Membership Benefits

  • 20% discount on all our networking events
  • Get up to 20% off on all Africa Business Warriors services
  • Get 10% off in all services
  • Connect, interact & learn from a network of professional from across Africa.
  • Be a direct beneficiary of our network of entrepreneurs & professionals.

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Unlock your potential. Join the fastest growing network of Digital Marketing & Tech Professionals in Africa


Built for enterprise scale

KShs 25,000 yearly

eDigital Connect Membership Benefits for Businesses:

  1. Networking Opportunities:

    • Access to a diverse and expansive network of tech and digital professionals across Africa.
    • Exclusive invitations to industry-specific events, conferences, and networking sessions for business collaborations and partnerships.
  2. Industry Insights and Trends:

    • Regular updates on the latest trends, innovations, and market insights in the tech and digital industries.
    • Exclusive reports and research findings to keep businesses informed and ahead of the curve.
  3. Skill Development and Training:

    • Discounted or complimentary access to specialized training sessions, workshops, and webinars.
    • Opportunities for upskilling in areas such as digital marketing, technology trends, and business strategies.
  4. Business Visibility and Promotion:

    • Featured business profiles in the eDigital Connect directory, enhancing visibility within the tech and digital community.
    • Opportunities to showcase products, services, and success stories through the platform's promotional channels.
  5. Collaboration and Partnership Opportunities:

    • Access to a dedicated platform for fostering collaborations and partnerships with other businesses in the ecosystem.
    • Facilitated introductions and matchmaking services to connect with potential clients, investors, and collaborators.
  6. Exclusive Events and Conferences:

    • Priority access and discounted rates for flagship eDigital Connect events, conferences, and seminars.
    • VIP invitations to closed-door sessions with industry leaders and experts.
  7. Resource Library:

    • Full access to an extensive resource library containing industry reports, whitepapers, templates, and guides.
    • Exclusive content tailored to assist businesses in navigating challenges and maximizing opportunities.
  8. Business Support Services:

    • Access to a network of mentors, advisors, and consultants for personalized business support.
    • Assistance in navigating regulatory frameworks, funding opportunities, and strategic planning.
  9. Marketing and Brand Exposure:

    • Feature in eDigital Connect's promotional materials, newsletters, and social media platforms.
    • Collaborative marketing initiatives to boost brand exposure within the eDigital Connect community.
  10. Member-Only Web Portal:

    • Exclusive access to a secure online portal with member-only resources, forums, and discussion groups.
    • Real-time updates on industry news, job opportunities, and business challenges.
  11. Discounts and Perks:

    • Exclusive discounts on products and services from eDigital Connect partners and affiliates.
    • Special offers on industry tools, software, and subscription services.
  12. Recognition and Awards:

    • Eligibility for eDigital Connect's annual recognition and awards program.
    • Showcasing outstanding achievements and contributions within the tech and digital industries.
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Our most popular plan with lots of features

KShs 5,000 yearly

eDigital Connect Professional Membership Benefits:

  1. Networking and Professional Development:

    • Access to a diverse and influential network of tech and digital professionals across Africa.
    • Opportunities to connect with industry experts, thought leaders, and potential mentors for career advancement.
  2. Industry Insights and Continuous Learning:

    • Regular updates on the latest trends, innovations, and market insights in the tech and digital industries.
    • Complimentary or discounted access to exclusive webinars, workshops, and training sessions for continuous professional development.
  3. Skill Enhancement Opportunities:

    • Access to specialized courses and certifications to enhance technical and professional skills.
    • Exclusive resources and learning materials tailored to stay abreast of advancements in the digital and tech sectors.
  4. Career Support and Guidance:

    • Career-focused webinars, panel discussions, and virtual events offering insights into career progression.
    • Access to career advisory services, including resume reviews, interview coaching, and job placement assistance.
  5. Professional Visibility:

    • Featured professional profiles in the eDigital Connect directory, showcasing skills and expertise.
    • Opportunities to contribute guest articles, thought leadership pieces, or participate in industry discussions.
  6. Exclusive Networking Events:

    • Priority access and discounted rates for eDigital Connect's professional networking events.
    • VIP invitations to industry-specific conferences, allowing professionals to expand their network and explore collaboration opportunities.
  7. Resource Library Access:

    • Full access to an extensive resource library containing research papers, case studies, and industry reports.
    • Exclusive content addressing professional challenges, career growth strategies, and market insights.
  8. Mentorship and Advisory Services:

    • Connection to a network of experienced mentors and advisors for career guidance.
    • Access to one-on-one mentorship programs to accelerate professional growth.
  9. Recognition and Awards:

    • Eligibility for eDigital Connect's annual recognition and awards program for outstanding professional achievements.
    • Opportunities to be featured in eDigital Connect publications, acknowledging contributions to the industry.
  10. Discounts and Special Offers:

    • Exclusive discounts on professional development courses, conferences, and industry events.
    • Special offers on subscriptions, memberships, and services relevant to career growth.
  11. Peer Collaboration and Discussion Groups:

    • Exclusive access to member-only forums and discussion groups for knowledge sharing.
    • Engage in peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing insights and experiences within the eDigital Connect professional community.
  12. Member-Only Web Portal:

    • Secure access to a dedicated online portal with member-exclusive resources, job opportunities, and industry news.
    • Real-time updates on job openings, industry trends, and professional events.
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Our most basic plan for Students

KShs 1,500 yearly

eDigital Connect Student Membership Benefits:

  1. Learning Resources and Materials:

    • Exclusive access to a curated library of educational resources, articles, and research materials related to the tech and digital industries.
    • Opportunities to stay updated on industry trends, innovations, and emerging technologies.
  2. Career Guidance and Opportunities:

    • Access to career-focused webinars, seminars, and virtual events providing insights into career pathways within the tech and digital sectors.
    • Notifications on internship opportunities, job openings, and industry-related events.
  3. Networking Opportunities:

    • Membership in a vibrant community of students passionate about technology and digital innovation.
    • Participation in student-exclusive networking events and forums for collaboration and knowledge-sharing.
  4. Mentorship Programs:

    • Access to mentorship programs connecting students with experienced professionals in the tech and digital industries.
    • Guidance on academic and career choices, skill development, and navigating the professional landscape.
  5. Skill Development Initiatives:

    • Access to discounted or complimentary online courses, workshops, and skill development programs.
    • Opportunities to enhance practical skills relevant to the digital and tech sectors.
  6. Internship and Project Opportunities:

    • Notifications and access to internship opportunities and real-world projects within the eDigital Connect network.
    • Practical experiences to supplement academic learning and build a strong foundation for future careers.
  7. Exclusive Student Events:

    • Priority access and discounted rates for student-centric events, conferences, and hackathons.
    • Participation in coding challenges, design competitions, and other skill-building activities.
  8. Resume Building Workshops:

    • Workshops focused on resume building, interview preparation, and effective job searching.
    • Tips and guidance from industry professionals on creating a compelling and competitive resume.
  9. Industry Insights and Webinars:

    • Invitations to industry-specific webinars, providing insights into current trends and future projections.
    • Opportunities to interact with industry experts, ask questions, and learn from professionals in the field.
  10. Discounts on Educational Tools:

    • Exclusive discounts on educational tools, software, and resources relevant to students' academic and professional development.
    • Special offers on subscriptions to platforms aiding academic excellence.
  11. Portfolio Building Opportunities:

    • Guidance on building a digital portfolio showcasing academic achievements, projects, and practical skills.
    • Tips on creating an online presence that attracts potential employers and collaborators.
  12. Student Chapter Leadership Opportunities:

    • Opportunities to take on leadership roles within eDigital Connect's student chapter.
    • Participation in organizing student-focused events and initiatives.
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