Nov 15, 2023, KICC, Nairobi, Kenya

Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2023

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About The Event

Theme: Emerging Technologies

Slogan: Unlocking the Potential of Africa through the Lens of Cutting-Edge Technology

Africa is on the cusp of a digital revolution, and the Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2023 is at the forefront of this transformative journey. From November 15 to 17, this landmark event will be held in tandem with the Africa Technology Show, promising an unparalleled experience for technology enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries.

A Glimpse into the Summit Agenda:

Day 1: Fintech

  • Exploring the Evolution of Fintech in Africa: Uncover the remarkable journey of fintech's evolution in Africa, redefining financial landscapes.
  • Digital Payments and Mobile Banking Solutions: Witness the transformative impact of digital payments and mobile banking on financial inclusion.
  • Fintech Regulation and Compliance: Navigate the regulatory landscape that governs fintech, ensuring secure and compliant innovation.
  • Fintech Startups and Innovation Showcase: Dive into the world of fintech startups, where groundbreaking innovations take center stage.
  • The Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa: Envision a future where financial inclusion knows no boundaries.

Day 2: Cyber Security and Digitization

  • Strengthening Cybersecurity Infrastructure in Africa: Address the critical need to fortify
    cybersecurity defenses in the digital age.
  • Emerging Threats in the Digital Age: Stay ahead of evolving threats and vulnerabilities that impact digital landscapes.
  • Strategies for Cyber Resilience: Develop resilience strategies to withstand and recover from cyber incidents.
  • Green Tech Innovations: Embrace sustainability with discussions on renewable energy,
    sustainable agriculture, and circular economy solutions.
  • Smart Cities and Sustainability: Explore how technology is shaping eco-friendly, efficient cities.
  • Sustainable Tech in Business: Learn how sustainability is driving business success.
  • Clean Tech Investment: Identify opportunities in clean technology and sustainable startups.
  • Eco-Hackathon: Engage in a hackathon focused on tech solutions for environmental challenges.
  • Sustainability in Tech Companies: Discover case studies of tech companies leading in sustainability.
  • IoT and Digitization for Sustainability: Understand how IoT and digitization contribute to sustainable solutions.

Day 3: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

  • Harnessing the Power of Big Data in Africa: Unlock the potential of big data to drive innovation and growth.
  • AI Adoption Across Industries: Explore AI's widespread adoption and its transformative impact on various sectors.
  • Data Privacy and Ethics in AI: Navigate the ethical considerations and data privacy issues in AI applications.
  • AI and Machine Learning in Healthcare, Finance, and Agriculture: Witness AI's role in
    revolutionizing critical sectors.
  • AI-Driven Innovation in Africa: Discover groundbreaking AI-driven innovations emerging from Africa.

Join us at the Africa eDigital Connect Summit 2023, where knowledge meets innovation, and ideas converge to shape the digital future of Africa. Be part of this transformative event that will define the continent's technological landscape.

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About Africa eDigital Connect Summit:
The Africa eDigital Connect Summit is an annual event dedicated to exploring the potential of emerging technologies in Africa. It provides a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and stakeholders to collaborate, share knowledge, and drive technological advancements on the continent.

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Great minds speaking at the event

Dr. Bright Gameli
Cyber Security Engineering Lead, Mara - Africahackon
David Olilo
Chief Operating Officer EatOut Kenya - EatOut Kenya
Hartnell Ndungi
Chief Data Officer - Absa Bank
Daniel Furnad
Associate Director/Head of Multi-Media - Farsight Africa Group
Ms. Edna Karijo
e Program Manager at eMobilis - eMobilis
Molly Jensen
Chief Executive Officer, Afripods - Afripods
Bonface Asiligwa
Manager IT , Infrastructure and Security Kenya Trade Network Agency - Kenya Trade Network
Ado Lõhmus
Sustainability and Green Economy Manager at CXP Africa, Senior Adviser to UN Science Policy-Business Forum. - CXP Africa
Mercy Sega
Managing Partner - KM Advocates LLP
Oscar Owiti
Innovator - UR Dvive
Daniel Huba
Vice President SSA Market Development, Community Pass - Mastercard

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